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"Janice was wonderful!  I feel she was able to capture my skill set and present them in a way that will make me the best choice from an employer's point of view.  She was succinct and utilized our time efficiently and was great with revisions.  I would highly recommend her and this process to my peers."

Supply Chain and Outsourcing Manager, $1.6 billion NYSE company

"Janice's resume brings in three times the calls that my previous resume secured in cases where I sent it out to specific opportunities.  My old resume got no interest on online posts.  I am now getting at least one "reach" a day."   

VP Marketing / VP Operations, leading online retailer

"I have already gotten compliments on the resume.  The resume created a strong value proposition and highlighted my strengths.  I would hire myself!"

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer, publicly traded software firm

"Janice did a great job with the resume. I could not be more pleased!  I have been contacted more for potential jobs." 

Senior Technical Analyst, $9+ billion organization

 "Very good resume.  Just what I had in mind, only much better than what I could imagine."

Operations Manager / Senior Performance Engineer, $1+ billion software company

"Janice did a superb job of rewriting buried achievements in my traditional 2-page resume, creating high leverage sound bites to snag a reader."

Executive Director, Global Operations, nationally recognized non-profit

"I wish I would have found Janice earlier in my resume building process!"

Vice President, Sales / General Manager, $3 million startup retailer

"Janice was excellent to work with.  Sharp, cordial and well versed in resume writing.  I was truly amazed."

Senior Director, $1+ billion international company

"I was very impressed with the resume process.  Janice pulled information from me and translated it to real results.  In taking an outsiders view of a successful career, Janice was able to define it in clear finite terms.  This was my goal."

Senior Account Representative, $1.7 billion industry leader

"Janice's professionalism and support was greatly appreciated.  Her experience in dealing with operations professionals helped to extract my strongest achievements.  Thanks again for your patience and support."

Plant Manager, $125 million facility

"Janice was a pleasure to work with and has a great ability to make the applicant look good on paper!  I was impressed with how quickly she was able to take my thoughts and give them impact on paper.  She is a talented wordsmith and a pleasure to work with."

Partner, $2 million startup

"Janice was very focused on me as her customer.  Her effective listening and questioning skills, flexibility, adaptability and commitment to helping me produce a quality resume was exceptional.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!"

Vice President, Learning and Development, $1+ billion division of Fortune 500 company

"Working with Janice was a pleasure!  She was informative, knowledgeable and professional.  I appreciated her communication style and her overall effectiveness."

HR Director, Silicone Valley startup

"My interaction with Janice was outstanding.  She is professional, an excellent writer and exceeded my expectations.  These days, this just gets you in the game."

Principal, Technology consulting firm

"Her experience translates directly to an expedited process.  Minimal edits required, but Janice always offered great value in choosing options and left an everlasting feeling that she is available for more."

VP, Sales and Marketing, multimillion-dollar subsidiary of a Fortune 500 firm

"When working with Janice, I always felt that she was completely focused on ensuring my success."

Operations Officer, US Navy

"I found Janice to be an outstanding professional and a very pleasant person to work with.  She was able to extract the most important achievements of my career and display them in an outstanding light.  Her command of the language and wording is truly remarkable.  Thank you!"

VP, Client Services Operations, $30 million healthcare company

"Janice was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.  She was very patient and kept me focused on the goal.  She is not afraid to take criticism and shares her opinions on what works or doesn't work."

Vice President, Operations, $275 million wireless products distributor

"Janice was able to sift through my thirty years, glean out the meaningful events and create the resume that make me feel good about launching my job search."

Managing Director, NYSE company

"I am very pleased with the results.  Definite recommendation to others!"

Vice President, Global Operations, Human Resources consulting firm

"Janice is very professional.  She has a great ability to write and create some impactful results on my resume."

Retail Market Manager, Senior Vice President, retail bank with 50+ Midwest locations

"Janice did an excellent job weeding through my random inputs to produce a high quality marketing tool I am proud to circulate.  I really appreciate her assistance and partnership!!!"

Financial Planning Manager, Fortune 250 organization

"Janice's interviewing skills brought out quantifiables that are much more marketable than I would have been about to do on my own.  She put together and outstanding resume that I am extremely happy with."

Sales Manager, specialty manufacturer


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